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Grow Your B2B Professional Service Firm

Growing a thriving B2B consulting business is very rewarding, but it can also be rather challenging.

Yet there are only really 4 things a consulting business needs to do well:

01 Attract prospects | 02 Convert prospects into clients | 03 Deliver profitably | 04 Scale the business

We've distilled these into a turnkey system that we call the Consulting Compass.

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A little bit about me...

Martin J Williams

I've been a consultant to mid and large-sized corporates for over 20 years.

Selling consulting engagements from 4 to 7 figures, I’ve worked in every size consulting firm, from my own one-person startup, through to global firms with hundreds of thousands of staff.

In my quest to build a successful consulting firm, I spent tens of thousands on business coaches, read hundreds of books, and bought dozens of courses.

I've tried every marketing tactic you can think of, from blogging, podcasting, webinars,  content marketing, paid advertising, and even cold calling.

Through my failures and successes I learnt the things that really do work to build successful consulting businesses, whether as a solopreneur or a boutique firm.

Here's what our clients are saying:


I’ve been able to see how to focus on the eco system that is my business.

Rather than focusing solely on delivering projects, through the Consulting Compass course I’ve been able to see how to focus on the eco system that is my business. I've been able to increase my prices, work less, earn more, and have more confidence in the future of my business.

Even though there's group sessions, it feels like a personalised course, and the weekly 1-2-1’s are fantastic.

Advice from Martin’s wealth of experience is extremely valuable, and has helped me overcome the challenges that I’ve had. In short, it's been a great experience.

Our marketing strategy is now both powerful and meaningful!

I'd been in business for a long time before I met Martin.

During that time, I'd tried most all of the different marketing approaches with varying levels of success.

Things were ticking along nicely in our business, but I had this nagging doubt that we were neglecting our marketing. Instead of investing in marketing, we were in danger of falling into the trap of relying on referrals and repeat business alone.

Whilst they are still fundamentally important, I knew that we were leaving food on the table if we didn't exploit other channels, especially digital.

What I particularly liked about the Consulting Compass approach is how it joins everything up. Ensuring that our digital marketing efforts align with and support our traditional marketing channels, and vice versa.

We're now crystal clear on the type of prospects and clients we can help. Thanks Martin!

I wish I'd have met Martin much earlier in my journey to create a successful consulting business!

Finding and landing new clients was proving a challenge for me.

Martin showed me how to market and sell effectively. His knowledge, expertise and experience of how to build a successful consulting business shone through.

One particular area he helped me with was to successfully navigate the many different service providers that I'd engaged.

He’s also shown me how, and motivated me, to engage in content marketing. From blog writing to lead magnet creation.

I’m also making huge inroads with Linkedin, which I’m certain will play a big role in my lead generation efforts going forward.

Having external advice and guidance has proven invaluable, especially during the sales process.

Through the programme I’ve been able to implement a sales process that is much more effective and efficient.

Martin's guidance has also been invaluable for tactical discussions, and to know how to better manage pricing objections.

Douglas Thornton - ISO Consultant

It's great to have a soundboard to make sure you're not crazy!

It's been really helpful to have someone to talk to who's been through it all before.

Even though I come from a Big Four background, I've developed a lot more knowledge of the sales process, and my confidence has grown accordingly.

A big difference is my ability to understand the value that I and my team offer to our clients. In general, I feel a lot more informed, and now have a holistic understanding of what it takes to run a successful consulting business.

Alex Tillirides - AI Consultant and CEO

It's given me the confidence to go out there and sell.

The course is absolutely brilliant!

I've been able to package my consulting services, taking them from $50 to $5,000, transforming my consulting income in the process.

I spend far less time on admin, and faffing around as, with the Consulting Compass model, I now have a robust system in place.

Denis Oakley - Strategy Consultant

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