The Consulting Compass

A framework to build a sustainable, scalable, saleable consulting business

Nearly half of all consultants tell me that their number one challenge is to:

Get more clients

Yet I believe that if the number of clients you have grew tenfold overnight, it's more likely that your business would fall over! That's because most solopreneurs and micro consulting businesses lack the required structure.

They jump from one opportunity to the next, and they go from one year to the next, without building any kind of legacy at all.  Without building  intrinsic value in their businesses beyond them, their small team, and the revenue coming in right now!

That's why I created the Consulting Compass. In response to my many years of getting it wrong when trying to grow my consulting business. The Consulting Compass addresses the lack of structure.
As a result, your consulting business will have more clients, more predictability, and more profits.

Learn more about the system in the video below:

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