Deliver More Effectively

Without marketing and sales there can be no business. But without effective delivery, there will be no profit!

We provide two primary services focused on helping you to deliver your consulting services more effectively and efficiently.

Delivery Methodology Development

Does your firm have a standard approach to the delivery of your engagements?

A framework or methodology that you follow.

And I must be specific here. I don't mean the framework that you pretend to have when engaging with prospects during the sales process!

I mean an actual delivery methodology that you train your consultants in, and that helps your firm ensure it can deliver engagements successfully.

Few firms do, often because healthy profit margins allow them to get away with it. Yet with a defined delivery framework you can ensure higher quality delivery, happier clients, more subsequent engagements and greater profits. 

What's not to like?

The challenge, of course, is having: a) the time to create one, b) the skills to develop it, c) the ability to train the team. 

We work with you and your team to develop a standard delivery methodology that you use not only to deliver projects effectively, but to support the sales process too.

We also support you in the rollout of the methodology through the development of training programmes. 

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Lessons Learned as a Service

A successful business is all about repetition. Undertaking the same thing again and again, and getting better in the process. 

Often consulting is seen as different. As though each and every engagement is unique, and it is only the skill of the leading consultant that can make it successful.

The fact is, all engagements have some similarities.

To manage the risk in your business, and to drive effectiveness and efficiency, there needs to be a way to analyse your engagements to capture best practice. 

To identify those things you have done that should be repeated, those things that should be avoided, and those things that require improvement.

It's the equivalent of snog, marry, avoid!

Lessons learned is a critical process that too few firms undertake. If they do, it's often done as a tick-box exercise. 

We provide lessons learned on your behalf to bring independence of view, as well as best practice from may other professional services organisations. 

Our focus is on continuous improvement to process, as well as arming lead consultants with evidence to support the next similar engagement.

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