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Newsletter? Urgh! Nothing says the noughties more than an offer to subscribe to a newsletter!

We know how boring email can be as, like you, we’ve received tons of it in our time. Much of it simply self-promotional stuff too. Many times we can’t even remember signing up, or someone had the audacity to add us to their email list just because they connected on LinkedIn! Only time will tell if GDPR makes this situation any better.

We also know that you’re probably receiving far more email than you’d like to. So, in order to minimise the impact whilst maximising the benefit, our Consulting Business Journal is a weekly newsletter that simply cuts to chase, providing you with links to our latest and most popular blog content, as well as free resources and details of our services.

Now there might be a few more emails when you first subscribe, but that’s us simply getting to know each other, and because we have so much to share to get you up to speed.

Call it dating if you like.

We’ll be eager beavers at first! We’ll send some emails, you hopefully consume the content, but if you don’t like what you see you can call it off at any time with a simple unsubscribe. If you do like what you see, we’ll move into the next stage of our relationship, which is getting comfortable. Like an old pair of slippers. We’ll send you an email once or twice a week, seldom more frequently unless we’re promoting a time-bound offering.

Now, if our relationship really takes off and you want to engage with us more regularly, why not join us and your peers in our Facebook Group where we post content daily.