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Linkedin Mastery for the B2B Consultant

Getting more leads isn't rocket science!

Nearly every consulting business owner I speak to says that they want more clients. Yet to get more clients means you need to generate more leads.  

But consulting businesses are pretty poor at generating leads. Instead of actively pursuing new opportunities, they wait for repeat business and referrals. 

It's not impossible to run a consulting business that way, but you'll have to accept feast and famine revenues as a characteristic of your business. 

Of course, it doesn't need to be that way. What is needed is a marketing system that you can commit to being consistent, persistent and patient with. 

Or more specifically, an omnichannel marketing system that blends traditional marketing channels with digital channels. 

Amongst those digital channels are, of course, social media platforms. But with so many of them, should you be on all of them, some of them, or just one of them?

There's only one credible platform: Linkedin

I spent 18 months testing all of the main social media platforms suited to generating business in a B2B environment. From Linkedin, to Twitter, to Facebook, and finally Medium.

I spent tens of thousands on ads, and even more in time. I ran private groups on both Linkedin and Facebook, and contributed to them daily for over a year. 

If there's a strategy for engagement on these platforms, I've tried it!

From native posts, to live videos, pre-recorded videos, infographics, lead magnets, and advertising. ​This was no overnight fleeting experiment!

Through it all I set out to answer the question: 

Which social media platform is best for generating leads for a B2B consulting business?

The clear winner was Linkedin by some way. No real surprise there. But what I set about doing next was to learn everything I could about how to use Linkedin effectively. My primary aim was to be able to use Linkedin natively, without needing to spend money on ads. 

That required me to leverage the platform to grow my brand and authority as an expert in my niche, to build an audience, and to get appointments with my ideal prospects. 

I say appointments because we need to be realistic here. If there is such as a thing as 'social selling', then the only thing the B2B consultant is selling on Linkedin is the appointment. You don't close a consulting sale on Linkedin. Your ultimate aim is to get the prospect off of Linkedin and onto a call or to an in-person meeting.

Now before we get to what you should be doing on Linkedin, let us first explore...

The 10 big mistakes you're probably making with Linkedin

As you can imagine, spending so much time working avidly on Linkedin has meant that I've seen a lot of profiles!

I've also helped a number of consulting business owners to optimise both their profiles and how they use Linkedin. 

Through that process I've observed 10 mistakes that I see the vast majority of Linkedin users make.

01 Using your profile solely as an online CV 

02 Restricting your connections to people that you actually know 

03 Staying schtum 

04 Pitching immediately 

05 Being shy

06 Not being yourself

07 Not taking a stand

08 Thinking that you have to start the conversation all the time

09 Subscribing to Linkedin Premium then changing nothing! 

10 Forgetting you’re on Linkedin or why you're on it!

Learn the Linkedin system I’ve helped many consulting businesses to implement to achieve far greater and more predictable results!

In following the system that I developed, here's some screenshots of the outcomes I've been able to achieve...

Introducing the programme:

Linkedin Mastery for the B2B Consultant

Linkedin Mastery provides a framework I call the A-E of Linkedin.

It provides a system for the effective implementation and use of Linkedin to build your authority as a trusted advisor, and to generate B2B leads.

Here's what the system looks like:


Create a client-attracting profile.

Your Linkedin profile is not your online CV - it's your shop window.
Everyone you meet will check you out on Linkedin, so you need to be sure you're giving them what they need.

  • Get clear on your ideal client, the outcomes that you provide, and the products and services that you offer
  • Create a client attracting headline
  • Craft a summary that calls out your ideal prospect and demonstrates the outcomes that you provide
  • Create a brand feel and aligned background image and profile photo
  • Detail your work experience in a way that confirms your ability to deliver desirable client outcomes
  • Create a winning company page


Build your audience.

Whilst some of it grows organically, there's no time to lose.

You must have an effective outbound campaign to build your network.

  • Learn how to use standard Linkedin as well as Sales Navigator features to quickly find your ideal prospects
  • Learn how to identify which people to connect with, and know in advance whether they are likely to accept
  • Learn how to quickly craft effective tailored connection messages that get results
  • Download swipe file of connection messages
  • Know the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid


Serve your audience with content daily.

Quickly find, create and share content that your audience will love.

Find your voice, start conversations, polarise your audience, get noticed as an authority!

Sharing content on social media means writing in a very different style to how you might a consultancy report.

  • Learn how to use Linkedin's many features to help you to come up with new content ideas every day
  • Understand why and how to find and use high-performing hashtags
  • Understand the anatomy of a good post
  • Understand what to do, and not to do, in your posts
  • Learn the tools and techniques to very quickly create, edit, and add captions to videos


Remember, social media simply allows you to massively accelerate and expand your in-person networking.

But you wouldn't expect networking in-person to be effective if you just stood in a corner!

It's the same with Linkedin. You need to drive engagement with your content. You need to be active.

That requires a collection of different techniques and tactics.

  • Learn how to encourage and increase post engagement
  • Understand the power of groups to grow your audience
  • Know how to use Linkedin to grow your email list (in a GDPR compliant way!)
  • Learn advanced techniques to leverage the audience of your competitors
  • Understand the power of asking questions and which to ask to improve post engagement


Whilst building an effective online presence on Linkedin is great for the ego, it's not a lot of use if it doesn't generate sales opportunities.

You need to be able get your prospects off of Linkedin and into a real-world conversations. Whether that's on the phone or in-person.

This needs to be well-timed, appropriate, and frictionless to be successful.

  • Understand what follow-up messages to send and when
  • How to leverage advanced features of Sales Navigator to simplify and automate your outbound strategy
  • Know how to invite a contact to a call or meeting
  • Learn tools and techniques to automate, simplify, and remove friction in getting prospects on to call

Who is this programme for?

If you are owner of a B2B consulting business and you want to attract clients through Linkedin...

If you have been using Linkedin for some time, but have yet to get any return on your efforts...

If you've previously invested in Linkedin Sales Navigator but got no benefit and so cancelled the subscription...

If you've given up on Linkedin and been tempted to try other social media platforms...

If you're making any of the 10 mistakes detailed above...

...then this programme is for you!

Your investment options...


Linkedin Mastery online course to work through at your own pace.

However, to prevent you getting stuck, there are also monthly Q&A calls.

  • Online training portal - 5 modules, released weekly
  • Lifetime course access
  • [Bonus 1] 3 months access to weekly Q&A calls
  • [Bonus 2] Personal profile review

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Linkedin Mastery online course to work through at your own pace.

However, to prevent you getting stuck, there are also monthly Q&A calls.

  • Online training portal - 5 modules, released weekly
  • Lifetime course access
  • [Bonus 1] 3 months access to weekly Q&A calls
  • [Bonus 2] Personal profile review

Next availability:
Buy now, start
1st December 2019

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I don't know about you, but I've invested many thousands in courses over the last few years and sometimes those courses just aren't what you expect. 

Now, the reality is that sometimes it's not the course - it's you!

Hear me out. You invest in a course, but then you don't even get started! Other things get in the way, or just the lack of inertia means you don't get closer to your desired outcome - more clients.

I know this happens because I've done it myself - multiple times!

I don't want that to happen for you. That's why I've included the two bonuses - a profile review by me (Martin Williams), and the group coaching calls. 

However, if you find that the course isn't for you anytime within the first 14-days, then I will refund 100% of your fee. No quibbles. 

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And after nearly 20 years of being an employed consultant, I went out on my own.

If only I'd have known how hard it really would be!

Anyway, 5 years on and I was still in business, despite there being so much conflicting information out there about how to run a successful consulting business.

That's why I created the Consulting Compass framework. To teach people what I believe and know is the best way to start, run and grow a successful consulting business.

Linkedin is by far the best B2B platform to position yourself as an authority in your niche, and to generate leads. In this course I teach you all you need to know!

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