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NB. This is a pre-recorded training session available on-demand.

I spent many years in my consulting business seeking trying to break free of only being able to sell through repeat business and referrals. 
I was on a perpetual mission to find the 'one-hack'. The one marketing secret. The one magical thing that would propel my business forward and provide me with a predictable stream of leads.

However, I learned the hard way that success in a B2B consulting business is not just down to marketing, or even just one specific marketing tactic.

It's more fundamental than that. And without the right marketing foundations, it doesn't matter what channels you use, or how much time and money you throw at them, your chances of success will always be limited. 

I learned that to achieve success in my B2B consulting business it required me to make what I call: The 5 Shifts. 

Join me for this masterclass where I explain what the 5 shifts are, why you need to make them, and how!

In this FREE masterclass you'll learn the strategies and tactics to successfully market your B2B consulting services, and to build up a steady stream of clients without needing to spend all your time chasing new clients or having to learns tons of different marketing methods.

Specifically, we'll cover...

  • Why selling to small businesses is NOT a good strategy for a high-growth consulting business, and how to sell to mid-sized and large corporates starting TODAY!
  • The reason why charging your clients on a time and materials basis is unethical and leads to burnout! And what you should do instead that both you and your clients will love!
  • How crucial it is to define your niche in order for your marketing to be effective, affordable, and not all-consuming of your time 
  • How to do all of this without needing to utilise every marketing channel available, like social media, blogging, podcasting, vlogging, book writing, cold calling, in-person networking, and on and on and on…

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Martin Williams

25 year veteran consultant. Coach to B2B consulting business owners, and consultant to mid-sized and large corporates.

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