The Evolution of a Linkedin Master

Like most people, I’ve been on Linkedin for years. Although for most of that time I wasn’t really using Linkedin. I was just on it, so to speak.  Yet over the last…


Pricing Tool: Price High or Low

Pricing your services is one of the most critical yet challenging tasks that you need to undertake to make sure your consulting business is successful.  Over on the blog there are…


Linkedin Profile Review [Buy]

Linkedin is by far the best platform for B2B professional services businesses. The challenge is that most consultants and business leaders in professional services simply don’t maximise the opportunity. Instead,…


How to curate content on Linkedin like a pro

Content curation is where you share other people’s content on social media platforms. The problem is, nearly everybody does a bad job of it! Why? because they think the mere act of sharing…

How did you get your first client?

A question often asked by startup consulting businesses is how to get your first client. For me, it was a request from a former consulting client to bid for a project….

The Comprehensive Guide To Recurring Revenue [Buy]

Download the Comprehensive Guide to Recurring Revenue in Your Consulting Business Revenue is the lifeblood of a consulting business. Most consultancies make their revenue through delivering projects, which can be…


How much vacation do you take?

Ah the life of a self-employed person. It’ so easy, right? You get paid loads of money, you get to work when you want, in fact, you can even work…


Consulting Business Survey – Summer 2018

We asked you questions, and you didn’t disappoint! So in return we’ve spent countless hours crunching the data. And this infographic shows you what we found out. If you’d like…


Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement [Buy]

Talking to a client, prospect or partner? Then you really should have an NDA in place. This comprehensive template and covers the essentials for mutual non-disclosure. Details Pages: 8 Word…


Consulting Proposal Template [Buy]

Download the exact Consulting Proposal Template I’ve used to win hundreds of thousands in consulting fees over the past 5 years! The template includes: All the critical elements required in…


The 5-Step Consulting Sales Process Guide

The 5-step process to consistently beat the competition and increase project value by 5 to 20 times In this free guide you’ll discover: The process I’ve used to sell hundreds…


Website Terms & Conditions Template [Buy]

Got a website? Of course you have. Or if you haven’t, you should do! But every website requires a Terms and Conditions statement. This template provides just that, with relevant…


Privacy Statement [Buy]

Is your business GDPR compliant? This template provides a Privacy Statement, which is an essential component to achieving compliance with GDPR. Details Pages: 9 Word count: 3,537 Please note that…


How many services do you offer?

How many services should you offer in your consulting business? Find out what your peers think by answering the survey below and seeing all submissions so far. And to see…


How do you price your services?

There are 3 core aspects of pricing your consulting services: What pricing models you use i.e. how do you determine the fees, for example, fixed fees, time and materials, etc….